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International Journal of Applied Engineering Research and Development (IJAERD)
ISSN(Print) : 2250-1584
ISSN(Online) : 2278-9383
Impact Factor(JCC) : 1.6842
Index Copernicus Value(ICV) : 3.0

International Journal of Civil, Structural, Environmental and Infrastructure Engineering Research and Development (IJCSEIERD)
ISSN(Print) : 2249-6866
ISSN(Online) : 2249-7978
Impact Factor(JCC) : 5.7179

International Journal of Mechanical and Production Engineering Research and Development (IJMPERD)
ISSN(Print) : 2249-6890
ISSN(Online) : 2249-8001
Impact Factor(JCC) : 5.3403

International Journal of Robotics Research and Development (IJRRD)
ISSN(Print) : 2250-1592
ISSN(Online) : 2278-9421
Impact Factor(JCC) : 1.5422
Index Copernicus Value(ICV) : 3.0

International Journal of Computer Networking, Wireless and Mobile Communications (IJCNWMC)
ISSN(Print) : 2250-1568
ISSN(Online) : 2278-9448
Impact Factor(JCC) : 5.3963
International Journal of Applied Research in Business Administration and Economics
ISSN: 1839-845
Web :

Journal of Human and Social Science Research
ISSN: 2331-4974
Web :

Print ISSN NO :2350-0921
Online ISSN No :2394-4196

International Journal of Scientific Research in Information Systems and Engineering (IJSRISE)
ISSN 2380-8128 (print)

ISSN 2380-5579 (online)

Journal of Human and Social Science Research
ISSN: 2326-7291


ISSN: 2348-7437

International Journal of Advanced Computer Research (IJACR)
ISSN (Print):2249-7277    
ISSN (Online):2277-7970

International Journal of Advanced Technology and Engineering Exploration (IJATEE)
ISSN (Print):2394-5443  
ISSN (Online):2394-7454

International Research and Publications in Medical Sciences (IRPMS)
e-ISSN 2395-3950

International Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Sciences

International Journal of Medical Research Professionals (IJMRP)

p-ISSN: 2454-6356
e-ISSN: 2454-6364
Frequency: Bimonthly (6 issues/year)

The Global Journal of Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development (GJAEERD)
ISSN: 2408-5480

International Journal of Agriculture and Crop Sciences (IJACS) (ISSN: 2227-670X) Abbreviation: Intl J Agri Crop Sci
-Index Copernicus ICV: 4.83
Global Impact Factor: 0.576
Journal Citation Value (JCV): 1.48
Universal Impact Factor:0.205
RES B Impact factor: 0.84

International Journal of Automotive Engineering and Technologies

ISSN 2146-9067

International Journal of Environmental Problems scientific journal.

ISSN 2410-9339

Publication frequency – once in 3 months. 
Circulation 250 copies.
Issued from 2015.

Note-1:The Paper from the conference shall be forwarded for the consideration for publication to the above journals.
Note-2:All associated journals are nor not displayed due to unavailability of web space.The organizer may publish the papers other than these.
*Terms and Conditions applied

Indexing / Supported by

1. Each Paper will be assigned Digital Object Identifier (DOI) from Cross Ref.  
2. The proceeding shall be submitted to CNKI, Google Scholar, DRJI, DOAJ, CiteseerX etc. for Indexing  
3. The Printed Proceedings will be published with ISBN Numbers.  
4. The Proceeding will be archived in World Research Library i.e.  
5. One Excellent Paper will be selected from each oral session.  
6. All the Selected Papers will be Published in Journals After Peer Review Process and Assessment.  
7. Conference pictures are now available in  

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