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The International Academy of Science, Technology, Engineering and Management  is a non-profit private organization dedicated to the promotion of international education and university cooperation in the field of Science and Engineering and Management.IASTEM organizes various scientific seminars, lectures,educational conferences and meetings across the globe which brings together institutions, bodies and organizations from different countries of the world for discussion and cooperation. 
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PhD, Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism, Polytechnic University of Tirana.

Many Congratulations on your successful conference in New York on the 17th of September 2023.

Thomas Heer

PhD candidate, University in Salzburg, Austria

Many thanks for today's (5th Sept 2023) virtual conference! Much appreciated!

Prof. Cecile Schultz

Department People Management and Development Faculty Management Sciences Tshwane University of Technology

Thank you for a organizing wonderful conference. Keep well and blessings to you and your team.

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