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Vishu Osmond Buckle

Jaipur, India

It was such a nice program to enhance my knowledge. Attended Mar-2017 Edition

Johnny Lokin

Manila, Philippines

Interesting and informative Attended Jun-2016 Edition

Parwana Zazai

Opole, Poland

I had a very good time here and also i learnt about economic. Attended International Conference on Economics and Business Management Apr-2017 Edition

Salma Saikaly

Dubai, UAE
Owner, Mobius Consulting

Well organized and very informative. Attended Jul-2017 Edition

Avtandil Lominadze

Aba, Nigeria
Business Development Manager, Ifesy Ventures & Co

Thank you the organizers for your kind acceptance and kind attendance to the very many visitors. Attended International Conference on Economics and Business Management in Mar-2018 Edition

Dan McDonnell

Dublin, Ireland
Senior Engineer, Delta Control System Ltd

It was very useful event for me and i got so much knowledge and material regarding my future plans and ventures. Attended June-2018 Edition

Raaginii jaain

Mumbai, India
Founder, Geetanjali Envirotech

Fantastic Knowledgeable event Attended Nov-2017 Edition

Imran Ahmed

Faisalabad, Pakistan Assistant Professor, Govt college, Faisalabad

A big platform for environment and natural sciences. Attended International Conference on Environment and natural science in Sept-2018 Edition

Martins Dorglas

Antwerp, Belgium
Delivery Manager Sky world delivery and security company

It was a great experience and thanks guys. Attended Jul-2017 Edition


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Nutritionist at Sabinsa Sami group of company

Great discussion with the latest technology Attended Jan-2019 Edition


Harare, Zimbabwe
Distributor, Covenant Holdings

Remarkable Visionary Attended Dec-2018 Edition

Attiq ur Rehman

Murree, Pakistan
Gen. Manager at Advertisement & Documents syndicate

Informative, Educative, Nice Implementation Attended Feb-2020 Edition


Dubai, UAE

It was a wonderful experience with the Event coordinator and the participants. Attended International Conference on Medical, Biological and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Jul-2017 Edition


Monrovia, Liberia
Project Manager at Franciscan work, Liberia Mission INC

I would love to take part in the program again. Attended Sep-2018 Edition

Attique Ur Rehman

Istanbul, Turkey

Brilliant, Excellent Experience Attended International Conference April 2018 Edition

Ajab Khan Burki

Islamabad, Pakistan
Assistant Professor, Bahria University, Islamabad

"I liked it very much. Especially the hospitality provided by the conference coordinator and his cordial interaction."

Parwana Zazai

Opole, Poland
Attended International Conference on Economics & Business Management April-2017 Edition

Its a very good time for me and also i learn here about economics.

Vishu Osmond Buckle

Jaipur, India
Attended our International Conference of March-2017 Edition

"It was such a nice program to enhance my knowledge."

Muhammed Krubally

Banjul, Gambia
Engineer, M.krubally Construction Group

Attended our International Conference on Civil and Architectural Engineering in December-2017 Edition "It was fine educative, it was very interesting"


Assistant Professor Department of Mechanical Engineering

The Phocuswright Conference is the most important travel event for me and our management team. If I could choose one single conference to attend during the year.


Assistant Professor Department of Mechanical Engineering

This is one of the few shows I come to, because I get to not only meet my top clients - and usually the CEOs of my top clients .


Assistant Professor Department of Mechanical Engineering

The whole Phocuswright team does an amazing job. They bring together the thought leaders, the influencers, the decision makers .
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