Submission Guidelines

Whether you are submitting an abstract or a full research paper, make sure you follow our guidelines and terms. This can increase your chances of paper acceptance.

Abstract Submission Guidelines

Language: Abstracts must be written in English.
Length: Limited to one paragraph with 300-400 words.
Submit in MS Word (.doc or .docx) document format.
Content: Abstracts should provide an informative summary of the original work. Include a brief biography with your abstract, following the example provided in the template.
Formatting: Center-align the Title, Author's Names, and Affiliations. Underline the presenting author's name.
Submission: Please submit your abstract through the designated submission portal.
Acknowledgment: Upon abstract submission, you will receive an acknowledgment email within 2-3 working days.

Guidelines for Full Paper Submission

Total number of pages: 6-8 in double-column format
Language: English (checked for grammar and language errors)
Tables, figures, and images should be properly named and of high quality.
Keywords should be written in lowercase letters (except for names/scientific names) and separated by commas.
Affiliation names, including the country, must be provided.
Each paper should be structured into the following sections:
Background, Motivation, and Objective
Statement of Contribution/Methods
Results, Discussions, and Conclusions
Once your full paper is prepared according to the above instructions, please proceed to submit it through the provided link:

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