Membership FAQ

Membership FAQ

1Q.How long it will take to receive a Membership Certificate?
Ans:It will take 2 working days to receive your membership certificate.

2Q.Is there any Lifetime membership fee?
Ans: No, there are not any membership fees.

3Q. Do I get any discount as a Member?
Ans: Yes, there are special discounts available for members based on their participation criteria.

4Q. What are the benefits of the IASTEM Membership?

  • Membership certificate
  • He/ She can chair a session or be a keynote speaker at any of our conferences.
  • Special discount on the conference registration fee.
  • Free virtual participation
  • Social Media Promotion
  • Website featuring

5Q.Where can I find information about conference discounts?
Ans: To know more about the benefits you can contact our coordinator.

Q6. How can I become an IASTEM Member?
Ans: You can join by simply sending us your CV and Photograph to

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